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Wartune Reborn Christmas Events

author:7road| time:2021-12-22| view:112

Merry Christmas!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Cloud City is snowing and welcoming you to join the Christmas events!

[In-game Events]

1. Christmas special-edition Sacred Gold Tree is online! Participate and obtain the whole new Title --- Holly Jolly Christmas and Christmas Love Clothing! You can get free Golden Wands everyday from online rewards and devotion event. Check the title out!

2. The exclusive Christmas Kitty mount and other amazing rewards are waiting for you in hot events. Get Christmas items to exchange for them!

3. Join us in other events including Class Wars, Fishing, Jewelry Hunt, double EXP and Bounty Quests +10!

4. A new server S93 has opened! Come to get a new server code here!

[FB Event]

What is your Christmas wish? Share with us in the comment and 10 of you will win Golden Wand *5! (Event ends on 25th Christmas night and rewards will be sent on 26th) Click to participate!

Wartune Reborn wishes you a merry Christmas!

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