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Wartune Reborn 2022 Anniversary Celebration Starts!

author:7road| time:2022-07-14| view:294

Dear lords, Wartune Reborn anniversary celebration has started! Log into the game and check the 1st round of anniversary events! A lot of benefits are waiting for you!

[In-game Events]

1. The anniversary puppy and kitty have also come to the celebration. Collect anniversary items to exchange for the Anniversary Puppy and Kitty Mount, and also other amazing rewards!

2. Anniversary special Sacred Gold Tree is online. Try your luck to obtain the exclusive 2022 anniversary title!

3. New server S96 opens at 5:00 AM PDT on July 14th. Don't miss it if you want to start a new journey! Go to the new server post and get a new server code!

4. Fishing & Jewelry Hunt - The most popular Fishing and Jewelry Hunt will be open during 16th-18th July. Participate in time to get abundant benefits!

5. High-Speed Level Up - Experience high speed level up by Double EXP and Bounty Quest+10!

[FB Event]

Come and celebrate the anniversary with us! Like our FB fanpage, share this post and comment your anniversary blessing in the comment section, everyone will obtain an anniversary code including 1-Day VIP card, Mahra, Bound Balens and anniversary chests!

Log into the game and join the anniversary events now!