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Wartune Reborn Christmas Events

author:7road| time:2022-12-22| view:219

Greetings, Warriors,

The winter snow has covered Cloud City with the best blessings. Christmas trees, snowmen, and beautiful decorations are everywhere, bringing up the wintery vibes and expecting the arrival of Christmas and the New Year!
Christmas event has now started. Let's check them out!
[In-game Events]
1. Daily Login Bonus: During the event, log into the game and you will obtain Christmas chests for free!
2. Hot Events: Open Christmas chests and collect enough Christmas items to exchange for the limited all-new Christmas mount - Christmas Stocking and the stunning 2022 Christmas clothing set - Christmas Carol!
4. The 63rd round of Class Wars has begun! Time for a true display of your strength!
5. Fishing & Jewelry Hunt - The most popular Fishing and Jewelry Hunt will be open during 24th-26th Dec. Take part in the events to get generous rewards!
6. Fast Level Up - Level up faster by Double EXP and Bounty Quest +10!
Share with us your Christmas holiday moments, funny things that happen around you, Christmas decorations and sceneries in the comment section, 10 of you will win Christmas chest*5! Merry Christmas!
Log into the game to find more excitement in Wartune Reborn. Follow our Facebook Fanpage to stay tuned!