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Wartune Reborn Snowdown Event

author:7road| time:2023-01-19| view:175

The winter snow dresses the world in the best clothes! Wartune Reborn wishes all lovely people a very happy and warm winter!

Snowdown❄️, Hangout! Let's celebrate the Snowdown event together in the game!

Brand-new outfits Ice Order set and the awesome new mount Enchanted Ice Drake are waiting for you! Let's open Snowdown Chests to collect enough Snow Gifts to take them home!


Stay online for certain amounts of time and reach certain Devotion every day to be rewarded with abundant Snowdown Chests!

Fishing & Jewelry Hunt - The most popular Fishing and Jewelry Hunt will be open during 21th-23th Jan. Don't miss them!

[FB Event]

Snow is considered the symbol of purity and new beginnings. With the new year 2023 just begun, we sincerely wish you a happy and prosperous new year. We hope you keep your pure heart when chasing your dream!

New Year always comes with New Year Resolutions. Share your little secret with us in the comment section. 5 of you will win Balens*1000!