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Cloud City

author:Tina| time:2020-07-28| view:2073

[Beginner] Cloud City

Summer has arrived to Wartune, now that the rains of spring stopped you see something new in the sky: Cloud City. In this new city you will be able to meet new NPC and characters and find new missions and events. Are you ready for a whole new adventure?

1. Required level
New inner city: Level 5
Cloud City: Level 11

2. Features of Cloud City
Start location: Players can enter Cloud City by clicking on the icon.
Get together: Meet other players in Cloud City and enjoy the new experience.
Follow the leader: In Cloud City you can now follow another player.
Hidden: You can also hide the rest of the players in Cloud City… or only hide their information! Titles, Guild and other effect will be hidden, you will only see the player’s name.
Interaction: Players can now communicate in different ways. Click the player you like and choose an interaction!

3. Main functions
1). Arena (challenges and PVP)
Required level: Challenges (level 11), PVP (level 11)
How to join: Players can find the Arena NPC in Cloud City, talk with them to enter.
2). Reward mission
Required level: Level 17
How to join: Players can find out the bulletin board in the square of Cloud City, click on it to receive your mission.
3). Hall of Heroes
Required level: Level 20
How to join: Players can find the Hall of Heroes NPC in Cloud City, talk with them to enter.
4). Market (mystery shop)
Required level: Level 26
How to join: Players can find the NPC in Cloud City’s market, talk with them to enter.
5). Sylph (the island of Sylph, PK of Sylphs, exchange of Sylphs)
Required level: Level 50
How to join: Players can find the Sylph NPC in Cloud City, talk with them to enter.

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